Watch the Gap

Be Touched Daily, 2014 by Holden Vance III for a Creative(s)_Perspectives',-inc...

Chase Alias in Watch the Gap , 
a Creative(s)_Perspectives',- Strategy...

Watch the Gap; a Social Art Strategy

Be Touched Daily by More than a Smartphone. : 
a Creative(s)_Perspectives',-inc... Movement,  2014

Have you ever been in a crowded room and felt all alone?  The reality is most of us have felt uncomfortable with ourselves from time to time. Our humanity is what all people have in common.  What makes us each unique?  Well one good explanation can be found in the way we respond to others in that same crowded room.  There are so many possibilities it can hurt just trying to wrap you thoughts around it.  Remember all the pain and sorrow then bring in a hint of reminiscent joy and you have Just one possible Reality.  Now Imagine you haven a desire to understand and experience as many perspectives as possible.  So you can have the tools to recall that emotion later for your art.  That is my personal definition of a Social Art Movement.

-B. Holden Vance III

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